Safer Travel Advice 30/05/2020

Please check our simple steps to safer travel, below is also some simple advice to make this easier:


Before you travel:


  • Make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey and try to travel during off-peak times, where possible

  • Make sure you check for our latest timetables before travelling as they have changed

  • Please always consider whether your journey is necessary


Social distancing at bus stops and stations:

  • Due to the requirement of social distancing, our buses will have limited capacity at this time. If your required bus has a BUS FULL sign please be prepared to wait for the next bus as we may be unable to stop.

  • Please be kind and look out for other passengers who might need to travel more urgently than you.

  • Look out for and follow any information displays at your bus stop which offer guidance of how to travel safely.

  • At bus stops and stations, please try to keep 2 metres away from anyone else queuing

  • It is important that you let people get off the bus before you board and try to keep a safe distance between you, the driver and other passengers


Social distancing onboard the bus: 

  • Sit in a window seat, leaving the seat row in front and behind you empty and please do not sit directly behind the driver.

  • Only one person can sit in a double seat, unless you’re with a member of your household.

  • Standing onboard is not permitted at this time

  • Once you’re onboard open a window if you can, to help with ventilation

  • Wear a face covering if you can. It’s an added level of safety for you, other passengers and our drivers. It is greatly appreciated.

  • When alighting the bus please stay seated, ring the bell and take everything with you.


Paying for your journey:

  • Try to pay using a contactless card, travelcard or mobile ticket on our app if you can

  • If you can only use cash, please have the exact fare as we may not be able to give change